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At what age can I rent a car?

Planing your dreamed roadtrip and you are only 18 years old?

Don't worry, Olecar's age-old rental policy is different than many other car rental companies. According to the rental company, the age to rent a vehicle may vary, requiring in most of Spain a minimum age of 21 years.

At Olecar Rent a Car we seek mobility even for the youngest, if you are 18 years old and have at least 6 months of driving license, you can rent a car with us to make your wished roadtrip.

Visit our website to check the car categories vailable to rent based on your age and experience. We have several groups within our fleet, both manual and automatic cars, for all those young customers who need a rental car. Mention that the rental age varies according to the car category, being the minimum age for higher categories, 25 years and three years of experience.

When booking a vehicle, indicate your age, we apply a young driver fee to those under 25 years of age, (rate that does not apply if you have already met them), € 9.99 / day, with a maximum of € 90 per rental.

If you already have everything planned for that trip by car, choose Olecar Rent a Car where you can rent a vehicle with 18 years and only 6 months of driving license and enjoy that Roadtrip that you have long awaited do.

Remember that when you pick up the vehicle at our offices you must present your ID or passport, a valid driving license and your credit card.